Permission Forms

General information:

At the beginning of each year, we ask all parents to fill in an online information form, sent home by the Principal. This includes:
  • contact information
  • health and safety information
  • medical information
  • civil defence information
  • media / photography consents
  • E.O.T.C. consents
In addition, parents / caregivers of year 4-8 students are required to fill in a Digital Technology Guideline form with their children, at home. This online form is a great start to having an open and honest conversation with children around the importance of internet safety. This online form needs to be completed before students have access to the internet at school each year. We also require students in year 4-8 to fill in a signed form at school for cyber-safety. This form is a supporting document for home-room teachers to use to reinforce the message of safe use and guidelines around digital technology in schools. It provides a wrap-around approach so that children, parents, and teachers are all reinforcing the same important messages. 

Cyber-safety and internet-use forms are not required for year 1-3 as these students will not have access to search engines whilst onsite in the school day. 
There may be some instructional teaching around digital technology towards the end of year 3, in order to support students as they head towards using devices more in the senior school. This will be a monitored and supported process and will begin with talking through the safety online.