St Peter’s School was started by the Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions (R.N.D.M.) with the first official day of school being 2 February 1927.  

The land for the school was donated by the Fisher family who also gave a house, situated where the current church is.

This house was the first school building with the Sisters travelling daily from the convent on Barbadoes Street.

Later, when the old church building was used as school rooms, the house became a home for the Sisters. This was later pulled down and the current church built on the site.

Today we still enjoy an association with the R.N.D.M. Sisters who, while no longer being active teachers at the school, still take a lively interest in what is happening at St Peter’s School. 
After exploring the history of our area we have renamed our learning teams Matau (meaning ‘fish hook’ junior area, hooking into learning) and Tangaroa (atua of fish and the sea, mastering learning in the middle, senior area). At this time we also renamed our learning spaces with the names of local fish species (InakaTuakiTunaMakoPauaKahawai and Hoka). There is a perfect connection here too with St Peter himself who was a fisherman. Of no small note also, we are in Fisher Avenue!