Board of Trustees

As an integrated school, our board comprises five elected parents’ representatives, four proprietor’s representatives, one staff representative and the principal.   
All board members hold office for a term of three years (except the principal whose role is continuous). At St Peter’s School, three board members are elected at one time with the remaining two elected ‘mid-term’. This allows for smoother running where experience is passed on rather than lost.
For further information about how boards of trustees operate and the special relationship with the principal who is responsible for the day-to-day running of the school, visit:


● Paul Arthurs (parent representative) Presiding Member

● Therese Fisher (parent representative) Deputy Presiding Member
● Charles Wasley (parent representative)
● Paolo Saul (parent representative)
● Eva Gower-Kohistani (parent representative)
●  Alana McDonald (proprietors rep)
●  Anthony Goile  (proprietors rep)
●  Sarah Lowe (Principal)
●  Tracey Burgess (Staff Rep)

Board of Trustees Meeting Dates

Meetings are held week 3 and week 8 on a Tuesday during term time. The venue is the school staff room. Dates are entered into the calendar.
Any change to this arrangement is notified in the school newsletter and/or the school website.

Board Policies

All of the school’s policies and procedures can be found on the Saint Peter’s School Docs website.

Click here to go to the website and enter:
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