Permission Forms

Permission Forms
This form is sent home to every child at the beginning of the school year to ensure all details we hold, such as emergency contact numbers, home/mobile phone numbers, and medical information etc are correct.  All details are cross referenced to our student management system and the forms are placed on file to be used in case of emergency.
Please ensure you have returned this form to the school office.

Cybersafety student agreement
This agreement outlines the rules about the use of computers, internet and other communication technologies by students. Please ensure you have returned this to your child's homeroom teacher. This form is to be signed by students and parents and will be held on file by the students home room teacher.  The 2nd page is to be retained at home for reference.

Please download these forms here and complete, then return to the home room teacher and office.
Medical Form
Print this form and complete with requested details if you require medicine to be administered at school. Copies are available in the office (pamphlet area), and in the office manager's medical file upon request.  Please read the School Docs policy for further information.