Home rooms and learning spaces

2018 Homebase rooms
Whilst children are placed with a base teacher, a significant part of their learning will involve other teachers as we implement further strategies to raise learning outcomes. Research shows this enriches all children's learning.

Children will be moving around learning spaces rather than being fixed in just one. 
Where particular needs of children present challenges in any part of this practice, adjustments will be made to accommodate and assist them.     
Our students enjoy supporting each other. We have senior classes working with junior classes with reading, spelling, writing and mathematics.

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Base room: Inaka
Year level: N.E.
Teacher: Mrs Sandra Shamy
Base room: Tuaki
Year level: 1
Teacher: Mrs Meghan Sauni
Base room: Tuna
Year level: 1/2
Teacher: Miss Aleisha Byrne
Base room: Rua Tuaki
Year level: 3
Teacher: Miss Georgia Dempsey

Base room: Mako
Year level: 4
Teacher: Moira Chisholm
Base room: Kahawai
Year level: 5/6
Teacher: Mr David Shaw
Base room: Paua
Year level: 5/6
Miss Tracey Burgess
Base room: Hoka
Year level: 7/8
Mrs Maxine Gill