Special Charter / Charism

St Peters School Values- Growing Discipleship

Our school values are derived from two major sources:
  • The charism of our founding order, the Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions.
  • The 1981 Integration Agreement (between the Catholic Diocese and Ministry of Education) following the Integration Act of 1975.

The traditional spirit of our founding order is manifested in:
  1. Taking special care to build a strong sense of community.
  2. Fostering cultural pursuits, integrated with a sense of faith in Christ.
  3. A concern for those who are “poor in spirit”.
  4. An openness to learn from other cultures.
Our founding charism identifies four key dimensions of our foundation of values:
  • Justice
  • Personal Integrity and Responsibility
  • Respect
  • Shalom (or Peace)


We define this as:           
“ Building a strong society by enhancing the quality of learning through quality teaching so that children experience a happy, positive, purposeful and productive day.”
Personal Integrity and Responsibility:
Our students are:
  • Enthusiastic
  • Honest
  • Co-operative
  • Reliable
  • Proud of their appearance

Interpersonal Respect

Our staff and students:
  • Appreciate their freedom
  • Respect the freedom of others
  • Live harmoniously with others
  • Value equal opportunities for everyone
  • Value other people, encourage them and celebrate their successes
Holy Thursday - Stations of the cross

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Mission Day
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This day is a significant event for the students each year. The senior students look forward to creating and leading their own stalls.


Staff and students will strive for peace both with themselves and with one another.

The 1981 Integration Agreement

This  agreement provided our school with the right to live and teach the values of the Gospel. In our School Charter, we state that we have chosen to exercise that right in all our policies, plans, programmes and procedures. In that way, our values are embedded in everything we do. The values of the Gospel are:
  • Joy   
  • Hope   
  • Love   
  • Truth   
  • Mercy   
  • Charity   
  • Peace   
  • Justice   
  • Service
  • Respect   
  • Forgiveness   
  • Compassion   
  • Trust in God
The School Values are also stated clearly in our School Creed                                   
This is our school.                                        
Let peace dwell here.                                 
Let the rooms be full of contentment.                                     
Let love abide here;                                    
Love of one another,                                      
Love of all people,                                       
Love of learning,                                      
Love of life itself,                                       
And love of God.                                  
Let us remember that,                          
as many hands build a house,                         
so many hearts make a school.