St Peter's School is a Catholic full primary school catering for years 1 to 8. Although fully integrated into the state education system, our school retains its right, under the Integration Act with the government, to maintain and preserve its special character.

Throughout all of our programmes of learning, policies and practices we strive to live and teach the values of the gospel through the teachings of Jesus Christ. We believe that education of the whole child - intellectual, spiritual, emotional and physical - is vital. 
Relationships are at the heart of our existence. Awareness of the need to build healthy relationships that display respect and understanding form the basis of our learning practices. We believe in the importance of providing a varied and balanced programme for all children in our school. We also encourage and promote leadership of children, providing various opportunities for this to develop. 

We actively promote and encourage partnership between home and school in the education of children. We also enjoy an active partnership with the wider parish. We value quality communication between the school and all members of our school community. Our school belongs to its community and is part of the Catholic Community of Learning - Te Mara Akoranga Katorika. 
Here at St Peter's we strive to reflect the values of Jesus Christ in all that we do. This is fundamental to our practices. We are part of the parish community and enjoy sharing in celebrations and activities with the wider community. 

We enjoy an atmosphere of excellence in learning for all children. In this we recognise that children have different strengths and we endeavour to meet individual needs at the same time as encouraging a joy of learning as part of their life-long journey. 

St Peter's is delighted to maintain a strong culture of not only academic excellence, but also of sporting and cultural achievements. Our teams and cultural groups shine alongside their peers from other schooIs. Through this we develop a strong sense of fair play and social justice. 

Should you wish to visit our school or know more, please contact Stephanie Kitto