Reporting Learning

We frequently and regularly report to children, parents/caregivers, Board of Trustees and the Ministry of Education on children's learning. Parents and caregivers are very welcome to discuss their child's learning with the relevant teacher at any time. Parents are encouraged to make a suitable time with the teacher to avoid any possible disruption to the class.
There are many ways reporting happens, including:

Three Way Learning Conferences

  • Planned for term one and term three.
  • Three Way Learning Conferences are a conversation between the student, their parents and their teacher. 

Informal chats

  • Parents/caregivers can discuss their child with the teacher, as often as desired.
  • Teachers have informal chats with children, many times throughout the day.
  • The chats may include guided feedback and feedforward. 

Formal discussions

  • may be called by any relevant person as required
  • may involve outside agencies
  • usually involve data reports, review and planning for further learning

Formal reports

  • twice yearly written report that includes national standards achievement. Sent home term two and term four. 
  • presented to the Board of Trustees as part of the principal's monthly report
  • required annually by the Ministry of Education