Our School Day

Every day is for learning about God, about ourselves, our relationships with others and about the world in which we live. 

Here at St Peter's we aim to make learning fun. We believe that it is important for children to enjoy learning and, by doing so, we encourage life-long learning. Our motto is "Wonderful learning in our Catholic community". The description 'wonderful' encompasses three elements: a sense of being full of wonder and awe about new experiences and knowledge, a reminder that learning arises out of wondering or questioning and denoting rich quality of learning.
All children, from our new entrants right through to our year 8s, begin the day with prayer. This is almost always student-directed. Each Tuesday morning, one class attends mass with the parish which is usually followed by a visit to the class from our parish priest, Father John Craddock. At 1.30pm each day, each class practises meditation. This is a lovely way to focus oneself on God and calm the mind.
Each class has its own timetable while, at the same time, includes links with other classes to allow interchange to occur. Our classes enjoy 'buddying' with one another at times for activities as do our whanau groups. We are moving along the path of 'modern learning practices' (M.L.P.) to enable greater provision for meeting individual needs.
We encourage leadership right from our 5 year olds through to our senior students. Our year 7s and 8s in particular are presented with a wide variety of leadership opportunities both within the school and within the wider community. Our goal is that at the end of a child's time at St Peter's, she/he will be self-confident and responsible, conscious of forming and maintaining positive relationships and equipped with the necessary skills to continue on the journey of life-long learning. 

Our school day is varied and dynamic!